Mettie delivers non-stop engagement, an unforgettable message, and the specific skills needed to transform the mental health support individuals receive.
    Work with Mettie to customize a program that meets the unique needs and goals of your event!

  • Join districts and campuses across the US empowering students with skills to live limitlessly and prevent suicide! Mettie's remarkable story and the skills she teaches resonates with students of all ages. 

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  • Transform your school culture and the support every student receives in the classroom! Every attendee gains the confidence and competence needed to positively impact the mental and academic health of their students. 75-minute trainings and half-day seminars are available. 

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  • Happy, engaged employees…yes, it’s possible! Employees who have mental health issues but are not receiving support consume two to four times the health care resources of other employees costing $210.5 billion dollars annually. Workplace mental health awareness and intervention saves lives and money!

    Mettie provides leaders with the specific tools and skills they need to fully engage and support their team members.

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  • Mettie Spiess is the 2016 National Alliance of Mental Illness Education Advancement Award Winner, professional speaker, and the founder of Hope Heroes Unite.  She is known as a champion of change and a voice of hope for diverse audiences including school districts, universities, corporations, and health advocacy groups across the US.

    Mettie connects with audiences through unmasking her journey with mental illness, losing two brothers to suicide, and the lessons she has learned from empowering survivors across the country.  Through powerful personal stories and engaging exercises, attendees gain specific skills to start and maintain a mental health movement, build up the leaders around them to effectively support those in need, and to adopt a fully inclusive stigma-free culture. 



  • "We all like to think that we're helping to change the world. Mettie is one of those rare speakers who actually is. Not only is she changing lives—she is literally saving them!"

    ~Bill Stainton, CSP, Executive Producer of "Almost Live!"

  • "Mettie’s amazing dedication to making a positive long-lasting change in the lives of our employees & culture makes her the most effective trainer we have ever encountered. She is a natural motivator and a beautiful person. I enthusiastically recommend Mettie for any corporation seeking to motivate, inspire action, engage employees and empower leadership.”

    ~Keli Backes, Executive Vice President, B & K Transportation

  • “Mettie empowered our staff and students with a voice for change that they did not have prior to her visit. I believe with all of my heart LIVES WERE CHANGED TODAY! She trained five districts in our area and after the tremendous loss we have suffered it was no small feat!

    ~Sonya Fuemmeler, Assistant Superintendent, Glasgow School District

  • "I attended a state conference where Mettie spoke and then hired her as a keynote speaker at our recent fundraiser. Both times, Mettie captured the spirit of adversity and turned it into positive action. Her hour presentations kept everyone engaged with humor, emotion, personal affect, and hope. Mettie is the real deal and someone who leaves a lasting impression on the heart and mind."

    ~ Deeatra Kajfosz, Founder of LiFE OF HOPE

  • "Mettie’s openness is inspiring, she speaks with a full heart. Her practical exercises engaged and educated our audience. She humbly presents a heavy topic with relational ease, humbly demonstrating her resilience through lived experience. WE HUNG ONTO HER EVERY WORD!"

    ~ Aaron Rasch, State Coordinator, Peer Run Organizations, ILR